your poison is our medicine

your poison is our medicine appropriates and intervenes in museum didactics and display (generated from the Field Museum) to reframe our relationship to poisonous plants (the Anacardiaceae family) and current environmental crises (i.e. overconsumption, water scarcity, and climate change). It is a proposition to deepen our awareness of the structures that create ecocide (colonialism and global capitalist economies) and mobilize actions towards transformative change. Throughout the wall label text, I mix prose poetry with collected research and redactions of taxonomical writings on the poison ivy and pistachio plants. The footnotes act as a site of potentiality engaging source material, personal narratives, and decolonial, environmental, and social activist strategies. In the installation, citations vibrate outside of the page within the corresponding images transferred onto the insides of pistachio shells and sound works that punctuate the silence ([11] dream record, [13] song/prayer, [24] pistachio shell snaps, and [26] a clip of Nina Simone covering George Harrison’s “Isn’t it a pity”. These multisensory forms of translation act as ways to expand research into felt sense, and reorient the viewer back into a kincentric understanding of being in/of/with the living world.
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