Surface Tension

Group exhibition with Ashley Gillanders, Rosemary Holliday Hall, SaraNoa Mark, and Galen-Odell Smedley at Heaven Gallery. I exhibited another iteration of Acknowledgments, this time bringing awareness to colonialism’s effect on the land and native species, as well as highlighting the contradictions inherent in American symbols and policies. Using the original and covered versions of the song Fly Like an Eagle as a means of exploring notions of historic recurrence, I layered all covers, blurring them into a confusing dissonance, dislocating the original author in the same way historical and intergenerational trauma may present in the body and mind. The work additionally includes a collective candle pour For once they intuited that the human will was long intent on capture, they all conspired to rest their Truth everywhere- M. Jacqui Alexander, a wall installation with spotlight and temporary tattoo Phoenix, and a digital webpage that contained resource links embedded within a contextual timeline Acknowledgments 2020
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