In the project Acknowledgments 2022, I use an 1892 New York Times article about a young Indigenous woman’s attempt to escape a Convent as an anchor to engage parallel narratives. I connect this story with and call attention to the contemporary epidemic of missing and murdered BIPOC womxn, girls, trans, 2S, and gender non-conforming folks. This project contends with the missing (people, data, visibility, histories, etc.) and centers the agency of the fugitive from a theoretical and emotional standpoint. I employ these realities as conceptual, poetic, and formal frameworks to recognize how cultures of domination perpetuate cycles of violence - how the missing go missing. The work consists of a vinyl image of a partial sky at sunset placed at the height of 12 ft. (the height of the wall the subject mentioned in the article is attempting to traverse, and the average height of prison and border walls), a sound piece on loop (Sine Nomine), a takeaway print, and live performance + breathwork practice. The works together offer an escape plan from cultures of violence and domination through forms of resource sharing, poetry, sound improvisation, and collective gathering.
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